Or Sativa?

Indica Or Sativa?

Experienced growers have long known about the differences between Cannbis Indica and Cannabis Sativa, and some of the world’s most-famous breeders have combined the best of both plants to create hybrids that can provide a variety of customized features.


Cannabis Sativa is generally indigenous to places where climates are warm and the growing season is long and fruitful. Many of the base strains for some of our crosses hail from some of the most famous locations on earth, like Thailand, India, Mexico, and Colombia. The main feature that distinguishes Cannabis Sativa from Cannabis Indica is the plant’s structure, the type of high, and the time that the plants take to reach maturity in an indoor marijuana garden. Pure Cannabis Sativa strains can take a long time to finish flowering, but growing the plant can reward gardeners with soaring highs that are highly sought after by connoisseur smokers. Cannabis Sativa strains are ideal for indoor or outdoor gardens, and they have a medicinal high that is known for its uplifting qualities. Cannabis Sativa varieties have been cultivated since the beginning of recorded history, and the plant has a wide range of important uses. Cannabis Sativa strains are known for their euphoric and cerebral high, and they are ideal for all-day users who need medicine that can provide relief while allowing marijuana smokers a chance to accomplish their daily responsibilities.


Cannabis Indica plants are usually native to the Hindu Kush Mountains in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.¬†Cannabis Indica varieties, are perfectly suited to indoor marijuana growers who are looking to optimize their garden’s yields. Harvests may occur in as little as six weeks, giving a chance for indoor gardens to offer more crops in a shorter period of time. Indica strains are known for their relaxing high because the plants have a higher ratio of CBD to THC. While THC may lead to anxiety, by creating hybrids with Indica strains that have more CBD, users can find medical marijuana that actually reduces the amount of anxiety, making for a relaxing and enjoyable smoking experience. Indica strains are generally shorter in stature, and they are traditionally used in many hash-making regions because of their high potency and the amount of trichomes that coat finished buds.


Because the two strains are crossed in many of female-only marijuana seeds, growers can find plants that meet their unique needs to perfection. When blended together, gardeners have access to the benefits of hybrid vigor and can bring the extended flowering time of Cannabis Sativa lower to ensure that varieties mature earlier than they would under normal conditions. Often, pure Cannabis Sativa strains are difficult for indoor gardeners to enjoy because the plants may take 12 weeks or more to reach maturity. When crossed with Cannabis Indica, the flowering period is shortened, and many famous strains can easily reach maturity in as little as 10 weeks.

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