How To

Preserve Your Seeds?

Air Humidity

Our cannabis seeds can be kept in a cool and dry place. Rapid temperature oscillations and air humidity are detrimental to cannabis seeds. The best solution for preserving your seeds is to place them in an airtight plastic container and to keep them in the dark.

Cannabis seeds are living organisms. During preservation, they’re in a state of rest. As soon as a cannabis seed comes into contact with humidity, all the nutritional substances it contains are released and trigger the germination process.

In case of a longer preservation period for cannabis seeds, air humidity should never exceed 9%. All our seeds are vacuum packed. If the package remains sealed, the humidity factor is, of course, irrelevant. In any case, take care to keep the seeds in a cool and dry place.


The best place to keep your seeds is a refrigerator or freezer. If you keep your seeds in a refrigerator, it’s best not to take them out very often, in order to avoid temperature oscillations that could damage them.

When you decide to use the seeds, it’s best to acclimatize them, while still in their package, out of the fridge, so they can easily reach room temperature.


Light, like humidity, is one of the factors that triggers seed germination.

Exposing the seeds as little as possible to direct light helps maintain optimal sprouting powers and seed duration.

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